Scenic Motorbike Navigation App

Discover the ultimate motorbike navigation app, with scenic curvy routes & route sharing with friends! Find a new route & lose yourself in the right direction!

BikeNav Pro Features

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Scenic Route Options

Underlying data and algorithms create a range of exciting route options.

Social Features

Share the experience with other riders by adding them to the route.

Scenic Routes

Add friends

Add friends and track their progress

Audio & Visual

Intuitive audio and visual commands, optimised for motorcyclists

Track on the go

Keep tabs on your friends while you ride


Track Friends

View your friends progress live on the map

Shared Destination

Leave from different locations at different times


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What is BikeNav?

BikeNav is the new, user-friendly motorbike navigation app on the market. Developed by a team of enthusiastic motorbikers, our goal is to add excitement to every single one of our users riding experiences. The app uses state of the art algorithms to identify fast, scenic and curvy routes. Choosing the curvy route algorithms, riders will be able to enjoy the scenery around them and get a thrill from the twists and turns along the way. The app also includes social features that lets users share routes and track their friends!

Be an Adventure Ambassador

Fancy getting paid to ride your bike?

If you’re someone who’s passionate about motorbiking and adventure – and want to make some money combining these two passions, then look no further! We are currently bringing on Adventure Ambassadors to become part of the BikeNav team. The Adventure Ambassadors will have the opportunity to ride their bikes and get paid while doing it! The role is freelance based and involves the riders traveling to scenic areas around their country and filming / vlogging their journey. 

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