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Get your motor runnin’. Head out on the highway. Lookin’ for adventure. And whatever comes our way.

Travelling in straight lines is for trains, planes and automobiles. Who cares about the fastest route? We want the best route. Because motorcycles are for the journey, not the destination.

Question is: Where will you and your two-wheels of rolling thunder be most welcome?

The ride is by far the most important part when planning a motorcycle trip.

But, after a long day in the saddle, it really helps when the destination is a motorcycle-friendly city. You know, one where the locals aren’t going to stare at your riding group fearing for their lives and their daughters. Or where the local Sheriff isn’t hell-bent on running you out of town. (Maybe we’ve been watching way too many biker movies.)

Clichés aside, if you’re travelling around the US astride your steel horse, it’s good to be aware of the best motorcycle-friendly cities to visit. You know, for things like weather, surrounding routes, and traffic congestion. You don’t want anything to get in the way of your adventure.

So, here begins our whistlestop tour of the best motorcycle-friendly cities to visit in the USA.

Rally Around

A fairly safe place to start is with those US cities famous for their biker rallies. Places like Daytona (Florida), Austin (Texas), and Sturgis (South Dakota) are home to the biggest and most celebrated biker rallies in the world. Which means they’re pretty used to having hordes of people descend on them atop their two-wheeled machines.

With pretty decent weather conditions most of the year, and plenty of scenic, curvy routes to explore in their surrounding areas, these three motorcycle-friendly cities are a must-visit. Especially during rally season. You’ll be welcomed with open arms and loud exhausts.

Fort Collins (Colorado)

Besides the fact that Colorado has some pretty sweet curvy routes to enjoy, it’s also home to one of the best motorcycle-friendly cities to visit in the USA.

Fort Collins has a lot going for it. Firstly, its location is pretty epic. Nestled in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and a stone’s throw away from the La Poudre River scenic motorcycle routes are guaranteed. Add to that almost year-round good weather (it doesn’t tend to rain much or get too hot or cold), this makes Fort Collins as pleasant a place to visit with your motorcycle as any.

It gets better. There’s very little traffic congestion. So the roads are yours to enjoy.

McKinney (Texas)

Lots of heavy traffic can be a real bummer. Not in McKinney, it’s not. McKinney has some of the lowest traffic congestion in the US making it one of the best motorcycle-friendly cities to visit. The icing on that traffic-free cake? It also boasts the highest maximum speed limit — 85 mph. Just watch that speedometer climb.

There’s a catch though. Summer in McKinney is typically hot and humid. Winter and Spring tend to be wet. So check the forecast. Oh, and don’t be tempted to push beyond that 85 mph either. You know what they say about looking at a gift horse.

Boise (Idaho)

Home of the Boise River, Treasure Valley, the Boise Foothills and a whole host of other beautiful natural destinations, Boise is the capital of the Gem State. And rightly so. It’s an absolute gem of a motorcycle-friendly city.

This is unsurprising really, given that the state of Idaho has the eighth-highest number of motorcycles per capita. However, Boise, like McKinney, can be too hot, too cold, and too wet at times. Best check what the weatherman (weathergirl) has to say.

Santa Clarita (California)

California has its pros an cons for motorcyclists. The weather’s good all year round, but it gets too hot in the Summer. There are loads of beautiful scenic routes to explore, but there’s a tonne of traffic to negotiate along the way.

Santa Clarita is no exception. However, with the sprawling Santa Clarita Valley and hills to explore, plus the rest of Los Angeles County on your doorstep, it’s still one of the best motorcycle-friendly cities to visit in the USA.

Los Angeles (California)

Like we said, Cali has a lot to offer bikers. And LA offers a wide selection of some of the best motorcycle clubs, shops, events, and easy access to routes in the area. The Pacific Coast Highway is closeby, there’s Route 66, local mountains via Highway 38 and there’s no shortage of biker meetups that you could join in. (Plus, our partners at Bike Shed are opening a new location there by the end of the year!)

And yes, LA is known for having somewhat bad traffic. But luckily for you, it’s legal to filter lanes so you can carefully roll on by and get back to enjoying the curvy routes!

Reno (Nevada)

This one’s just for fun. The Biggest Little City in the World, Reno boasts a speed limit of 80 mph. The second highest in the US. So go burn some rubber.

And burn you might. Nevada is pretty hot most of the year. Which does make it dry for riding, but it can get too hot quite quickly. Reno also happens to sit in the wetlands of the Rocky Mountains, so it gets quite a bit of rain too. Still, it’s motorcycle-friendly with plenty to see and do, so we’ve thrown it in the mix.

Go Explore

Motorbikes are great for exploring. And the USA is a pretty big place. If you know of any other motorcycle-friendly cities to visit let us know and tell us why.

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Get us excited for your next motorcycle trip.

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