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While going through potential brand building strategies, I had quite the dilemma. This was a crucial juncture in how I wanted to mould BikeNav’s identity and project it to my targets. A few things immediately came to mind. First was that we are not providing a motorbike-specific service. We are a navigations system app that is trying to improve people’s experiences on their bikes by going on fun curvy roads with great scenery.

In lieu of this fact – I began to think of ways to pitch the software that would motivate as many people as possible to try it and, ultimately, change the way they travelled. How could I inspire people to try our app and experience the potential routes available to them? The solution was then obvious – I need a visual medium that has the ability to demonstrate the features and possibilities that are available to BikeNav users. Another aspect that I think is crucial to creating an inspirational video is that it reinforces the reasons why the viewers ride a motorbike in the first place. This ranges from particular emotions like excitement to other thoughts of wanderlust, adventure and thrill-seeking.

Which is where you might come in! I am currently recruiting motorbikers to become part of the BikeNav team. If you’re someone who’s passionate about motorbiking and adventure, this could be a great fit for you. The role is freelance based and involves traveling to scenic areas around your country and filming / vlogging your journey. As a rider you will be paid on a video-by-video basis. Don’t worry about editing your shots either! We are just looking for raw, professional looking footage which our experienced in-house videography team can edit. And make sure to show us your creative side while shooting!

Four wheels move the body, Two wheels move the soul.

To become a rider, we will need you to initially fill out an application form. If we think you’re a good fit for the role we will invite you for an informal video call either with myself or another BikeNav member. If the call goes well, we will then ask you to complete a Trial Video. It may seem like a lot but we are really trying to identify the best candidates possible. Trust me when I say that as the company grows so will other opportunities.

To help you with your Trial Video, we’ve made two documents to help give you a better understanding of what we’re looking as well as providing videography tips to improve the overall quality. After you go on your trip, film the footage and send it to us through either DropBox or Google Drive – we will review it and then let you know if its been accepted.

If you feel motivated by the opportunity of traveling to scenic locations, starring in video clips that will be viewed by thousands of people and be compensated while doing it – apply now!


Author Jonny Rhodes

Ever since I bought my first motorbike, I was immediately hooked by the feeling of total relaxation and adrenaline. That’s a somewhat oxymoronic thing to feel, right? For those of you who have never ridden a motorbike before, the best way I can explain this feeling is to describe it as a constant state of hyper-awareness.

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